Customer compliance and risk management information and network security services are independently provided by Coinsix through cooperation agreements with suppliers, which are not part of the platform.

Risk Disclaimer

Participates in cryptocurrency activities or transactions must understand the nature and possible market losses. Coinsix provides only the day-to-day operation of the account and does not include advice. The value of these cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile and speculative, increasing the likelihood of total losses.

Cryptocurrencies can be susceptible to speculative moves and lose confidence which could lead to drastic changes in their market value. Providers and platforms do not guarantee any form of independent business that protects any loss, but only as buyers and sellers of intermediaries.

Owning cryptocurrency does not means it can convert directly into any national currency. There is no guarantee but this will always be possible. Users understand that there is no concept of a fair market price for cryptocurrencies and we recommend that users carefully evaluate their financial status before engaging in any activity involving cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency Policy

Coinsix accepts deposit and withdrawal of any kind of cryptocurrency. However, Coinsix reserves the full right to refuse any deposit or withdrawal if detected the account having suspicious activity such as money laundering, criminal activities or other infringement of its rights to comply with the Guidelines.

National monetary policy

Coinsix is follows all the rules and sets up the finance department provided by the FATF regulations and local services and their compliance procedures.

As a result, it will reject shortcomings from strategic AML / CFTs and make adequate progress against countermeasures and regional and unresolved defects, or lack of commitment to formulate an action plan AML / CFT All deposits issued by the jurisdiction and special organizations to solve the problem.

Deposits from jurisdictions have provided a high level of political commitment through the implementation of the Action Team on Financial Action, which may be selectively screened to develop a plan of action to address the lack of strategic AML / CFT funding.