Service Terms

The ownership and operation of the services provided by Coinsix ( are the property of the platform. The Coinsix Terms of Service (the "Terms") are the related rights and obligations of the Coinsix users and the services of the Coinsix platform. BY ACCESSING AND / OR USING THE SITE, YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Coinsix operates as an operator of this site ( and serves its subscribers in accordance with this agreement. If user not willing to accept the terms of this agreement, user shall not visit or use this website.
Coinsix reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement from time to time, and the amended agreement will effectively replace the original agreement once it is announced. Users can always refer to the latest agreement.

A. Terms of service

1.Coinsix uses its own system to provide users with cryptocurrencies trading services over the Internet.
2.The user must prepare the following equipment and bear the following expenses when needed:
   2.1.Internet access devices, including but not limited to computers or other Internet terminals, modems and other Internet access devices;
   2.2.Internet spending, including not limited to network access fees, Internet equipment rental fees, mobile phone traffic charges, etc.
3.When user-supplied registration information, the user agrees:
   3.1.Provide legal, true, accurate and detailed personal data;
   3.2.If there is any change, timely update user information. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, unrealistic, inaccurate, or incomplete, the user must bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences resulting from it, and Coinsix reserves the right to terminate the user's use of
4.Cash withdrawals submission will be processed within 36 hours of working days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).
5.Each withdrawal max is 50,000 , maximum withdrawal in 24hours is 100,000

B. Service provision, modification and termination

1.Users accept Coinsix various services at the same time, agreed to accept all kinds of information services provided by this platform. The user hereby authorizes the platform to send business information to its email, mobile phone, mailing address etc. Users have the right to choose not to accept the various types of information services provided by the platform and enter the relevant pages of this platform to make changes.
2.Coinsix reserved the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without any liability and without informing the user or any third party not directly related to it.
3.If the user disagrees with the amendment to this agreement or is dissatisfied with the service of the Coinsix, the following rights may be exercised:
  •    - 3.1.Discontinue Coinsix web services
  •    - 3.2.Contact the Coinsix through customer service to stop their services. When the service is terminated, the user's right to use the Coinsix Network service will terminates immediately. In this case, the platform is not obligated to transmit any unhandled information or unfinished service to the user or any third party without direct relation.

C. Confidentiality of user information

1.The term "Coinsix User Information" as used in this Agreement means information that complies with the laws, regulations and the relevant regulations and that meets the following requirements:
  •    - 1.1.User's personal information provided to the platform when Coinsix registers or applies for membership;
  •    - 1.2.When user uses Coinsix services, participates in a website activity, or visits a web page, this platform automatically receives and records data from the user's browser or mobile informations, including but not limited to IP addresses, cookies in the site, and information, Web page records requested by the user.
  •    - 1.3.The personal information that Coinsix legally acquires from business partners
  •    - 1.4.Other personal information that Coinsix obtains through its legal access
2.Coinsix promises
Coinsix will not disclose the user's password, name, mobile number and other non-public information to any third party for any legal reason or without the user's prior permission.
3.In the following statutory circumstances, the user's personal information will be partially or fully disclosed:
  •    - 3.1.Disclosure to the user or other third parties upon user's consent;
  •    - 3.2.Disclosure to third parties as required by administrative, judicial or other laws in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, or the requirements of administrative agencies;
  •    - 3.3.Other Coinsix Disclosure in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

D. User Rights

1.User's username, password, and security
  •    - 1.1.The user has the right to choose whether to become a Coinsix member. If the user chooses to become a registered user of this platform, user must use the email address as the member's name of the platform. E-mail address used should comply with relevant laws and regulations and in line with network ethics.
  •    - 1.2.Once successful registered as a Coinsix member, the user will receive the user's email address (username) and password and be responsible for all activities and events that occur after logging into the system with this user's mailbox (username) and password E-mail (user name) of the words, acts, etc. directly or indirectly caused by legal responsibility.
  •    - 1.3.Users are obliged to keep the account number, e-mail (user name) and password, SMS verification code in Coinsix, the user will be fully responsible for e-mail (user name) and password. Due to user reasons lead to e-mail (user name) or password leakage caused by any legal consequences caused by the users are bear by themselves. Due to the users own reasons, the disclosure of information caused by the loss of property, Coinsix does not bear any responsibility. As the site is the trading site, login password, cash withdrawal password, transaction password, etc. cannot use the same password, otherwise there will be a security risk, the responsibility borne by the user itself.
  •    - 1.4.If users had lost their password, user can send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact customer service. If users detected any illegal use of electronic mail (username) or other security breaches, kindly contact Coinsix platform immediately.
  •    - 1.5.Coinsix will not ask for any user password, will not allow users to do any non Coinsix centre to provide the account, digital asset prepaid address reload. Please do not believe any Coinsix discounts, offers and other fraud information if there is not Coinsix trading platform. The platform is not responsible for the losses caused by the account or address provided.
2.Users have the right under the relevant provisions of the website, after sharing of information and other contributions, redeem rewards from Coinsix;
3.Users have the right to amend all the editable information in their personal accounts and decide whether to provide the content that is not required.
4.Users have the right to receive rewards from Coinsix (such as rewards in kind or membership points, etc.) according to the relevant regulations of the website;
5.Users have the right to participate in various online and offline activities provided by Coinsix organizations.
6.The user has the right to enjoy multiple types of services provided by the platform according to Coinsix's website regulations.

E. User obligations

1.It is forbidden to use this platform to endanger the national security, disclose state secrets, violate the legitimate rights and interests of national social groups and citizens, and shall not use this site to make, copy and disseminate the following information:
  •      - 1.1.Inciting resistance, undermining the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations;
  •      - 1.2.Inciting subversion of state power and overthrowing the socialist system;
  •      - 1.3.Incitement to split the country and undermine the unification of the country;
  •      - 1.4.To incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermine national unity;
  •      - 1.5.Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumours, disrupting social order;
  •      - 1.6.Promote feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror, abetment of crimes;
  •      - 1.7.Publicly insulting others or fabricating facts to defame others or conducting other malicious attacks;
  •      - 1.8.Damage the credibility of state organizations;
  •      - 1.9.Other violations of the Constitution and legal administrative regulations;
  •      - 1.10.Conduct commercial advertising behaviour.
2.Users may not maliciously sign up for Coinsix website account by any means, including but not limited to multiple account registration for profit, speculation, cashing, award winning, etc. Users also must not misappropriate other user accounts. If users violate the above rules, Coinsix reserves the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to deleting the content posted by users, cancelling the stars, honours and virtual wealth obtained by users on the website, suspending or sequestering user accounts, the benefits gained, and even the legal liability of the user through litigation.
3.Users are prohibited from using Coinsix in any form as a place, platform or medium for engaging in various illegal activities. Without the authorization or permission of Coinsix, the user may not engage in any commercial activity in the name of the platform, nor may Coinsix be used as a place, platform or medium for conducting business activities in any form. If users violate the above rules, Coinsix reserves the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to deleting the content posted by users, cancelling the stars, honours and virtual wealth obtained by users on the website, suspending or sequestering user accounts, the benefits gained, and even the legal liability of the user through litigation.
4.All information released by users in various forms by Coinsix shall comply with the relevant provisions of the state laws and regulations and other relevant provisions of the website and comply with the public order and good practices and shall not infringe the lawful rights and interests of any third party or the user shall bear all laws Consequences, and the loss than the right network, the right to recover from the user.
5.Users must not maliciously dismantle Coinsix’s goodwill in the form of fictional facts.

F. Refused warranty and disclaimer

1.Coinsix, as a third-party platform for "network service providers", does not guarantee that the information and services on the website platform can fully meet the needs of users. The platform is not liable for any errors, insults, defamation, inaction, obscenity, pornography, or profane activities that users may encounter while accepting the services of this platform.
2.Due to the special nature of the Internet, Coinsix does not guarantee that services will not be interrupted, the timeliness of services, security are not guaranteed, do not assume non-responsibility for the platform. This platform enables users to have secure access and use of this site, but this platform does not represent nor guarantee that this site or its servers are free from viruses or other potentially harmful elements; users therefore use commercially recognized software to kill Rights Network download the virus in the file.
3.Coinsix is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete, or store user-issued information. Do not assume any responsibility for typographical errors, negligence, etc., caused by intentional non-specific rights on the website. Coinsix has the right but not the obligation to improve or correct omissions or errors in any part of this website.
4.Except as expressly provided in writing by Coinsix, the Platform does not warrant the accuracy of any content, including but not limited to advertisements, etc. obtained by users from this site in any way, including but not limited to, including, via linking, connecting or downloading , Completeness, reliability; The platform is not responsible for any products, services, information or materials purchased or obtained by users due to the content information on this website. The user assumes the risk of using the information content of this site.
5.User comments posted by all users within the Coinsix network represent only the user's personal opinions and do not mean that this site agrees with or affirms its views. This site does not assume any legal liability arising from user comments.
6.Coinsix reserves the right to delete all types of information in this platform network that do not comply with laws or agreements, while retaining the right not to notify users.
7.All announcements to users, this platform will be through the official page announcement, station letter, e-mail, customer service phone, SMS or regular mail delivery. This platform is not legally responsible for any events or information such as the winnings, promotions, etc., obtained through the regular channels of this platform.
8.Coinsix has the right to adjust the fee rates for recharging, cash withdrawal, and transaction, etc. based on market conditions, and to determine the termination of the free promotion period.

G. Applicable law and the referee Location

1.All disputes, claims or other matters arising out of or relating to the use of Coinsix Website by users are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.
2.Disputes between users and Coinsix should first be resolved through consultation in good faith. If the negotiation cannot be completed, the court should file a suit to the people's court where the platform is located.

H. Separability

If any provision of this Agreement is considered unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed divisible without prejudice to the legal validity of any other provision.

I. Choice of conflict

This agreement is an important legal document between Coinsix and the user registration as a platform user and the use of the platform services. Any other written or verbal indications of the platform or user inconsistent with this agreement shall be subject to this agreement.