Terms & Conditions

The new legal treaties of the United States ruling

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people today using Internet technology to commit crimes such as identity thieves, cyber-terrorists, hackers, etc.
According to the new law treaty ruled by the United States on October 28, 2003 and chapter 326 of the American Patriot Treaty, all network financial institutions must collect ID cards from customers who open their accounts in order to confirm the true identity of the account-holder. In addition, we will need one or more files to verify the information we collect. If when verification process we found that there is discrepancy in the identity, the company will retain the right to refuse to open an account for the particular client. By law, Coinsix must keep all collected information in strict confidence. Regardless, Coinsix's mission is to protect the privacy of each client and ensure the security of its client's account. Please fill in the following information to ensure accuracy, to avoid delays in processing.
What we need ?
1) Coinsix trading platform account ID.
2) Documents issued by the national government (with photos).Examples: ID/passport/driving license
3) Upload the above documents and the photo of holder of the documents
Note: Your submission includes a photo ID and a photo of the upper body holding the above ID. Please upload the above two photos (1 and 2) to Coinsix platform for verification purpose.